I will talk with you about your specific goals, and how your mascot will be used, and what considerations would work best for the way it will function.

The cost of your mascot will depend on the intricacy of your design, but the most basic mascot will begin at $5,000.00.  You can upgrade your mascot with custom monogrammed advertising vests, a variety of accessories, custom shoes, etc., as well as special effects animatronics, like moving tail, ears, lights, just about anything you could imagine.

When you commission the mascot, I require one third of the total cost as a material and labor deposit, and to secure calendar time for your work. I will invoice your company, and set aside approximately four weeks or more to complete your project. I will supply you with a brief contract that states my promise to complete a mascot that will meet with your expectation and a guarantee for five years of normal wear.

I will provide periodic updates with photos by email of your mascot’s progress during its creation. I use no caustic chemicals in my work and provide you with a washable, cleanable mascot that will represent you well for years to come. Final payment is expected within thirty days after your mascot is completed.  After you have your mascot out working for a while, you may want some minor modifications, for a good in-action result, and these would be done without further charge.
Here's how to get your mascot started !
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